Antonio Provitina
Antonio Provitina

My story

I remember my first time on the stage when I was 11 years old and it was for the tests of “Aggiungi un posto a tavola”, the debut: it was a great emotion.

When I played the part of Don Silvestro  it was unforgettable, I think it was at that moment that the love between me and the intense flavor of the show was born.

Aggiungi un Posto a Tavola - Giugno 1992

The continuous of the story passes through the fascinating and intense world of the tourist animation where the experimentation and the desire to emerge evolve together with the creativity and fundamental talent of improvisation. In those years the desire of knowing better the essential dynamics to approach the world of entertainment in a professional way increased.  

Animazione - Agosto 2007

Training is a crucial step in human and professional  growth that determines the consciousness of its own means. But if all this wouldn’t be as the fate wrote for you? Does the fate decide when and how?

that's how in my career there is the versatility sought but also motivated by the different experiences and by a strong desire to discover its dimension.

the art that I prefer is that of conducting: presenting a night gives you the opportunity to become the essential factor between what happens on the stage and the audience.

your style, your rhythm and your crazy spontaneity will be the cardinal pieces of the show.

collaborating with a good staff gives you an extra motivation in the creation, in the careful attention of details and in the preparation of the same performances. To improve the latter and the curiosity to learn the other arts I have studied singing, recitation and guitar thanks to which I can play better in the drafting of the lineup of the show.

Shooting Fotografico - Ottobre 2011

The study of actor has immediately created a substantial curiosity combined with a careful work of filings that occurred in order to refine and where it was necessary to correct the dynamics learned from various masters and the ability to experiment it in previous years. The various masters and careful intensive study has allowed me to discover and assimilate the necessary techniques to face in a more knowledgeable and professional way the experiences dedicated to the soul, the one that truly makes live a real actor.

it is only through constant study and with the infinite fame of learning that you can aim to competitiveness in its field

Intervista durante "Non Solo Shopping" - Luglio 2011
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