Antonio Provitina
Antonio Provitina

The Style

I have always believed that training had donated more fullness to the artistic completeness,

and this is why I have dedicated my study  in several disciplines,

acquiring the versatility that has allowed me to expose

myself in television, radio, theater, animation and live events.

This vision always makes me admire just what it is imposed in an excellent way, and so in a  determined way I think that any representation of performance can be valorized, even more, both in its essence and in its aesthetics if it is framed and viewed by the most number of points of view.

Thus, almost unconsciously an “organizational grid” is created ,this is how I like to call it, which will have less margin of unforeseen, the more detailed is the preparation, so higher or lower possibility of unforeseen that in turn leads to the work of improvisation, often a fundamental part of the soul of the show.

When you present a show it is as if you provide your own skills weaving  a homogeneous canvas , having available colors, brushes and the public. The colors are represented by the staff with which you can build a real family also in those few moments of a scene, the brushes are the means by which that is the incalculable variable and approachable only with the only weapon allowed, the fantasy.

Living intensely a show, creates a magic in those who are on the stage. The sole purpose of the show  is the harmony of all the elements of the staff and of the attention that it has towards all.

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